packing and unpacking

Moving is super stressful. We hauled everything that we own up and down the California coast within a matter of weeks. It all ended up in a big pile in Matt's sister's garage. Over the course of a couple more weeks, there was a ton of organizing, downsizing, rearranging, and moving things around between three houses. Finally things feel settled. Now it's the fun part... decorating! (minimally, of course, because most things are all boxed up and put in their places.) Here's the start of it...

the corner of records and extra furniture

finally listening to records again! i missed em

things that come out of the woodwork... fun stuff


  1. it's all looking quite good so far

  2. Love all your belongings! The decorating is coming along really well!

  3. Cute blog so far! I want to subscribe to you but I don't see a follow button =/

    I LOVE your Lucille Ball picture and Disney!!

    Moving is SO stressful! Uhg... in a couple months my BF and I are headed to Los Angeles from Washington! We do move a lot but this will be the biggest one, plus we have a cat, and she hates traveling. :(

  4. awesome post :)
    I love it!!


  5. i haven't been around and i just started this, but i appreciate your comments so much! thanks!