my short story

So a few months ago Matt and I started a new life. We packed up a Budget truck with all of our belongings, secured Eddie (above) and Frankie (below) into my car, drove for 10 hours, and unloaded everything into a cabin in the forest just outside of Santa Cruz. Then Matt got sick (worst time) and we had to gather the animals and head home. Turned out it was really bad and he needed a week-long hospital stay and up to a year of recovery. So, I went back up with my family, packed everything into another Budget truck, and brought it all back down home. It was a whirlwind. I no longer had anywhere that I could keep Frankie, and had to put him up for adoption (worst time). But then Matt and I got good jobs, we started eating better, I quit smoking, he quit drinking, we got creative again and we both started blogs. We're starting over, and I cant wait to use this blog as a catalyst to consistently output all kinds of positive outcomes of and additions to our new life.

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